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EView 390z MP for Microsoft SCOM

Understand and manage your 390z (z/OS) environment like an ecosystem that is constantly changing in terms of physical design, transactions, and memory. Monitoring helps you maintain the balance at any given time to ensure the best possible performance.


This solution extends the Cross-Platform Capabilities of Microsoft System Center to include the IBM Mainframe (z/OS) environment. It is now possible to integrate IBM Mainframe as managed node within System Center to help you configure, provision, monitor, and operate your heterogeneous IT infrastructure.

EView/390z Management v7.0 for Microsoft System Center is the most advanced and comprehensive Management Pack for managing the IBM Mainframe-z/OS environment. EView/390z works seamlessly with System Center to integrate event & system performance, as well as monitoring the status and health of the z/OS system and its standard applications.


The EView/390z extends the SCOM view and scope. This solution ensures fast problem isolation and identification, which ensures a good user experience and promotes productivity and reduced downtime. Below are some key features and benefits of using the EView/390z

Key features:

  • Collection sources span any message going through the z/OS operator console.
  • Monitor the status and health of the z/OS system and its standard applications.
  • IT Operations can display the right information to the right people, at the right time.
  • The combination of Microsoft and EView Technology enables TRUE end-to-end IT Enterprise Operations Management.
  • Proven technology – successfully deployed in hundreds of enterprise accounts in over 30 countries worldwide.


The EView/390z is engineered to keep the CPU usage on the system to a minimum – thereby saving expensive Mainframe resource costs.

EView/390z lightweight agents capture all available Mainframe information on the z/OS operator console, seamlessly transfer to the client agent to be managed and monitored via a common System Center. This information can also be easily customized to a client’s unique System Center console. The net result is the Mainframe environment is managed, monitored and reported just like other server environments, giving IT Operations a consistent and common tool for the entire enterprise.


The EView/390z allows you to perform a multitude of functions that are critical in your role as system, application or database administrator. Some key functionalities include:

Sophisticated z/OS event status management
of any messages which go through the z/OS console to establish proactive enterprise systems management.

Collection sources span any message
going through the z/OS operator console, including: VTAM, CICS, and IMS.

2-way communication
with the z/OS systems and Microsoft System Center maximizes problem resolution and acknowledgement of messages coming from the mainframe console or other message sources like VTAM and system applications.

Direct message interface
enables sending messages from applications programs to the System Center server through the EView/390z agent without having to send the message to the operating system console.

Expanded message automation
and security features.


EView/390z requires the appropriate Ethernet hardware on the Mainframe (zSeries) to allow for TCP/IP communication with the proxy server.
Additional Disk Space Requirements per machine – System Center Server: 1MB, Proxy Server: 15MB, Mainframe Managed Node: 20MB

Microsoft System Center 2007 R2, 2012, or 2012 SP1.
Windows 2008 Server R2 SP1, or 2013
z/OS release V1R3 or higher

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