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NiCE Linux Power MP for Microsoft SCOM

The NiCE Linux Power MP provides performance monitoring of Linux on IBM Power System servers into SCOM. It ensures top response time and availability of your PowerPC environments, reduces costs, saves time and builds efficiencies within your IT infrastructure.


The NiCE Linux Power MP provides monitoring of Linux server distributions on the IBM System p little endian platform using Microsoft System Center. Common Linux distributions supporting the IBM Power Series are RedHat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES).

The NiCE Linux Power MP is a first-rate monitoring solution for your business critical Linux servers on IBM System p, little endian. It allows you to leverage your existing investment so that you reduce costs, save time and build efficiencies within your IT infrastructure.


The NiCE Linux Power MP helps you in many ways. These are some of them

  • Perform Logical Disk Health checks
    Easily ascertain the availability and performance of your Logical Disk (File System) instances. This includes BTRFS file systems
  • Carry out Network Adapter Health checks
    Determine the availability and performance of your Network Adapter instances
  • Execute Operating System Health assessments
    Effortlessly discover the availability and performance for Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server Operating System instances
  • Determine the health of your processor monitoring your processor instances effectively


Monitoring your Linux distributions on the IBM Power PC platform is vital to your business

While availability of an IBM System p hardware is typically not an area of concern, performance monitoring is a key business imperative.

In IBM Power System environments, processing time is costly and is measured in work units. A CPU hog on any Linux server can become expensive. As IBM Power servers typically run business critical workloads, response time and availability of such applications is often business critical. Under-provisioned IBM Power Systems will react slowly on queries from business applications, which then cause undesired end user or processing delays.

With the NiCE Linux Power MP, a monitoring solution for your business critical Linux server on IBM Power Systems for Linux is now available. Consequently, this MP allows you to leverage your existing investment in a number of ways:

  • Get best in class monitoring for your Linux PowerPC server
  • Make your Linux Power server a first class citizen of your cross-platform datacenter management system
  • Protect your System Center investment as no additional monitoring system or gateways need to be introduced
  • Avoid any steep learning curves as the NiCE Linux Power MP fully complements your existing Microsoft Linux MPs for the x86 platform you are already using


Monitor your Linux Power servers according to your actual business needs

Single pane of glass view on SCOM
Microsoft System Center helps corporate IT administrators to manage network, server and client systems. System Center Operations Manager is designed around managing cross platform datacenters including Windows, Linux and UNIX operating systems.
As Microsoft only provides managing and monitoring of Linux distributions on the x86 platform, the NiCE Linux Power MP complements the Microsoft offering. Additionally, it allows to include monitoring of Linux on IBM Power System server into one single overall datacenter management system.

Proactively monitor Linux Power servers
The NiCE Linux Power MP provides both proactive and reactive monitoring for the Linux Power server on the supported platforms.
It monitors Linux server components such as processes, resources and server agents, allowing you to take on a more proactive role in the management of your server. The NiCE Linux Power MP enables you to take corrective action before downtime affects your business.

Comprehensive monitoring
The NiCE Linux Power MP enables you to do comprehensive monitoring, not only limited to availability. It includes extensive performance data collection. As well as monitoring of configuration changes, all alert monitors use a best practice set of default thresholds. As Linux servers are typically part of a larger application environment, the server components discovered by the NiCE Linux Power MP can be integrated into your service oriented monitoring scenarios.
In addition to availability and performance monitoring, the NiCE Linux Power MP also facilitates the use of all Microsoft Linux MP reports, diagnostics tasks, views and tasks. As such, the NiCE Linux Power MP provides you with a 360 degree monitoring solution that allows near real-time diagnostic and resolution of issues.

In a nutshell

  • Identify problems before they cause service disruption
  • Receive alerts of impending problems before they cause downtime
  • Conduct comprehensive monitoring of your Linux Power server easily


Technologies used

  • Microsoft System Center Operations Manager 2016 and later
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 on IBM System p (ppc64le architecture)

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