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NiCE Domino sMP for Micro Focus Operations Bridge Manager

When using Domino as the backbone for both internal and external communications, as well as being the basis for lots of customized applications, it is most critical to ensure that all of those applications work like an integrated ecosystem to ensure the best possible user experience.


Working with Micro Focus Operations Bridge Manager (OBM) makes it easier for IT professionals to monitor the health and performance of computer systems, but there is still a missing puzzle piece to complete the single interface view of OBM, which facilitates the monitoring of databases, middleware and applications.

The NiCE Domino smart Management Pack (NiCE Domino sMP) for Micro Focus OBM is one of the pieces that you need as you work with Operations Bridge Manager. It extends the view to give you the holistic picture of servers & systems, and thus complete the enterprise scope for the administrator.

The sophisticated and intelligent Enterprise Ready Management Pack fully integrates into OBM  and continuously monitors the Domino infrastructure, identifying server problems before they affect applications and end users.

The sMP collects the detailed data that you need from your Domino environment using predefined event conditions and threshold monitors. It helps you to increase the Domino server availability and performance and to lower the overall cost of maintaining your Domino environment. It enables you to perform service-oriented management as well as incident management in your Domino environment, while supporting your business critical processes.

NiCE sMPs integrate seamlessly with OBM. The Domino sMP has an easy to deploy architecture that does not require additional servers, proxies, or appliances to be installed.


  • Monitor the Domino Infrastructure easily
  • Easy-to-read and easy-to-access web-based reports
  • Run reports on performance, availability, workload, operation and bottlenecks
  • Run detailed task monitoring of add-in and domino server tasks
  • Performance and state monitoring for all Domino components – predefined performance thresholds will ensure that your desired service levels are always met
  • Track server response time and transaction measurement
  • Chart predefined performance graphs for core metrics


Automate your reports
Customize your reports so that there is no need to waste time with redundant functions.

Centrally configure exception-based monitoring
Centralize the tasks in your Domino environment so that there is no disconnect with your monitoring solution.

Proactively monitor your Domino infrastructure resources
Take pre-emptive action when it comes to monitoring your Domino infrastructure because you will receive alerts that a potential problem is looming before it causes massive disruptions in service.

Increase productivity
The OBM administrator and operator will have more time available to focus on bigger issues as opposed to spending hours trying to identify problems that are difficult to find without the NiCE Domino sMP.


  • Identify server problems before they cause service disruption
  • Isolate bottlenecks quickly so that they can be corrected timeously
  • Instant notifications when messages are not being delivered
  • Alerts operations team about potential network issues or unexpected outages

The NiCE Domino sMP will enable you to efficiently manage and monitor your Domino environment in order to troubleshoot and identify problems with pinpoint accuracy.


The system requirements for our Domino sMP are as follows:

  • Operations Bridge Manager (OBM) 10.12, 10.61 and 10.62 on Windows and Linux (formerly Operations Manager i)

  • IBM Domino on Windows 9.0.x (see support matrix)

Integrations and References

The NiCE Domino sMP currently has no integrations into other third-party solutions.

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