Business Application Monitoring using Microsoft SCOM

NiCE Management Packs for SCOM

Microsoft SCOM Solutions

Monitoring your Mission Critical Business Applications

Microsoft System Center solutions help IT pros manage their physical and virtual information technology environments.
NiCE Management Packs complement this by adding first class application monitoring capabilities.

NiCE Management Packs ensure your business critical applications are at peak performance and availability all the time.
The way your business demands it.


The primary purpose of System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) is to provide infrastructure monitoring that is adaptable and cost-effective.

IT administrators have to predict performance and availability of their servers, operating systems and other infrastructure. SCOM ensures this.

NiCE Management Packs are an essential add-on to SCOM because they enable a holistic view on the underlying level of your application environment, hosted in the infrastructure already monitored.



A Management Pack serves an essential function on top of SCOM. It helps you define how your OpsMgr monitors your systems and applications on a very granular basis.

Equipped with that comprehensive, solution deep insight, you´ll be able to manage your business critical enterprise applications with excellence.

Value (ROI)

The investment in Microsoft System Center OpsMgr is very valuable as it improves your system monitoring quality dramatically, thus saving operational costs.  However, as long you are still monitoring your middleware and applications with separate monitoring tools you will not only waste time and money, but also lack deeper insight into the relationship of issues. NiCE Management Packs help you save those separate costs.

With a Management Pack you can integrate your monitoring into OpsMgr and retire your costly monitoring suites – saving lots of $$$ and increasing the ROI of OpsMgr.


NiCE Management Packs are unique because of the comprehensiveness and depth of information that they collect and provide. Extend the monitoring capability of your SCOM and get these features and benefits

  • Receive immediate alerts when your enterprise applications are unhealthy
  • Pinpoint accuracy to the source of the problem
  • Troubleshooting is easier because of integrated reports and OpsMgr diagnostic tasks
  • Build custom OpsMgr “Recovery Tasks” to automate monitoring and to decrease the mean time to recover
  • Create your own custom rules and monitors
  • Customize views as you need them
  • Create filters for alerts
  • Full System Center integration
  • Full cross-platform monitoring support, regardless of running your enterprise applications on Windows, HPUX, Solaris, AIX or any other non-Windows platforms