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EView 400i sMP for HPE Operations Manager i

Integrate 400i (AS/400) as a managed node within HPE Operations Manager i to help you configure, provision, monitor, and operate your heterogeneous IT infrastructure


EView/400i Management for HP Operations Manager seamlessly integrates and extends IT operations management to include IBM OS/400 domains. Enterprises are now able to fully utilize the rich capabilities of HP Operations Manager through the sophisticated integration of iSeries (AS/400) systems into their enterprise IT Operations managed environment.

By integrating with HP Operations Manager as the operations platform, EView/400i extends the ability for customers to lower costs, automate iSeries (AS/400) operations, help reduce risk, and see immediate costs savings and return on investment.


EView/400i’s tight integration extends HP Operations Manager’s capabilities to include integration of the IBM iSeries (AS/400) into the overall managed operations environment. EView/400i agents capture system performance statistics, system and application messages, and security related events from the system audit journal and communicates information to the EView/400i proxy server.  The result of this integration with HP Operations Manager is IT operations can easily troubleshoot, automate, correlate diagnostic data and provide operator and/or automatic recovery.

For many customers, each hour of system downtime can cost the business upwards of hundreds of thousands of dollars.   EView/400i tightly coupled with HP Operations Manager, brings operations attention to events and conditions at the earliest possible time, facilitating proactive correction of issues before they become problems to end users and customers.  This timely resolution of issues directly affects the bottom line and increases the value of IT Operations to the business.

Advanced capabilities include:

  • Consolidated Operations Management View.
  • Health Monitoring for iSeries (AS/400) Systems and Applications.
  • iSeries (AS/400) Performance Monitoring – Monitor CPU usage, disk usage, ASP, response time and other performance metrics.
  • Proactive problem detection and resolution – two-way communication with iSeries (AS/400) systems to resolve problems quickly and automatically.
  • iSeries (AS/400) Audit Journal monitoring – real-time monitoring and alerting when critical events occur, allowing security administrators to immediately investigate potential security related issues. 

The EView/400i solution co-exists with already installed management solutions to reduce the complexity involved in managing the iSeries (AS/400) environments.



Consolidated Enterprise Operations Management View

EView/400i allows information from the iSeries (AS/400) environment to be displayed on a HP Operations Manager operator console. EView processes running on the server coordinate the request and response activities to provide a consolidated view of the business environment and the ability to proactively manage the IBM environment through an intuitive and cost effective user interface. In turn, the complexity involved in managing AS/400 (iSeries) environments is greatly reduced.

The EView/400i agent collection sources span system message queues, disk usage, CPU utilization, page faults and job application resource usage.  The agent message filters extract messages specified by the administrator from the message queues.  It then forwards  the information via TCP/IP to the Operations Manager server.  This improves the efficiency of the information stream.

Messages coming from the EView/400i agent are then routed into existing HP Operations Manager message groups and included in the message browser. For future reference and planning purposes, the messages are logged into the server message database.

To ensure timely problem resolution, EView/400i has been designed to take automatic action, based on deployed policy conditions, to address and respond to messages. Responses include pre-defined automatic actions, operator-initiated actions, problem resolution instructions and interfaces to existing trouble ticket or paging applications. Utilizing the pre-defined tools in the Operations Management server simplifies management to increase productivity of operational staff.



  • Seamless Integration with HP Operations Manager as the single enterprise console
  • Reduce complexity, increase staff productivity and efficiency and lower the overall cost of IT Operations
  • Enable integration of  AS/400 – iSeries systems into the HP Operations Center environment
  • Monitor, correlate, control, and report the performance and health of the OS/400 system and its standard applications
  • Coexists with existing OS/400 management solutions to increase flexibility in managing OS/400 environments
  • Mitigate risk by centralizing and enforcing processes
  • Enhanced auditing capabilities for governmental corporate compliance
  • Proven technology –  successfully deployed in hundreds of enterprise accounts worldwide



HPE Operations Manager i (please ask for detailed version support)
Windows 2008 Server R2 SP1, or 2013

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