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NiCE Dynamics CRM MP for Microsoft SCOM | coming soon

The NiCE Dynamics CRM Management Pack will be launched at Ignite, Orlando, November 4th.
General Availability will be as of Friday, November 8th, 8am PDT.

The NiCE Active 365 Dynamics CRM Management Pack provides you with real-time insights into your Dynamics 365 instance.

The NiCE Dynamics CRM Management Pack will be launched at Ignite, Orlando, November 4th.
General Availability will be as of Friday, November 8th, 4:00 PM CET.


Gain Insight into Dynamics 365
The new NiCE Active 365 Dynamics CRM Management Pack (NiCE Dynamics CRM Management Pack), an extension of the NiCE Active 365 Management Pack, provides real-time insights into your Dynamics 365 instance. Active data collection and execution of predefined “plans” allows synthetic monitoring of the Dynamics 365 instance.


Identify, Qualify and Solve Problems Quickly
One of the toughest challenges with Dynamics 365 is to gain insight into what happens in the cloud. Users might report issues:

  • About accessing contacts or account information
  • That Emails sent via CRM do not reach their destination
  • That Automated workflows updating key order and invoicing information are not completed

So, how to react? The NiCE Dynamics CRM Management Pack has a smart plan module within Dynamics to determine if the issue is occurring within a specific CRM instance. According to this, the severity can easily be rated, as well as any appropriate actions can be derived.

In a nutshell

  • Alert on end user experience degradations
  • Provide insights into Dynamics Workflow health
  • Generate Reports about D365 Usage and Licenses
  • Proactive alert on Dynamics service degradations in your CRM instance
  • Authentic SLA Reports based on end user synthetic transactions
  • Full integration with Office 365 Monitoring


Availability Monitoring through Test Workflows
In a Dynamics 365 Online instance, component based monitoring, such as disk, cpu, logs, is no longer an option. To overcome this, the NiCE Dynamics CRM Management Pack gives you the possibility to execute workflows, also called “plans”, which test, simulate and retrieve key data in real time from the hosted Dynamics instances for you.

By running regular executions, you will obtain accurate, up-to-date health, performance and availability information.


Use the Cloud with Confidence
Inherently, we do not trust technologies that we do not understand. The typical Microsoft Dynamics 365 deployment comprises of multiple highly complex and globally distributed services, that are connected to your on-premise environment. There are a number of potential configurations to do this. As a consequence, having unbiased insight into details is key in understanding the entire Dynamics CRM ecosystem.

As every service is subject to potential failure and is acknowledged as a part of your SLA, you are responsible for communicating the overall health status to your line of business, which demands to have both a clear understanding of the scope of a failure as well as the impact on your organization.

The NiCE Dynamics CRM Management Pack maps out the scale of any issue for you. It is ceaselessly monitoring your Dynamics 365 instances, tracking the distribution of all your resources at any point in time, and is validating that these resources are continuously available.

The NiCE Dynamics CRM Management Pack directly relates artifacts that may be impacted due to service access or failure issues. This empowers your IT team to understand and communicate the scope of the issue right on the spot. As a result, it helps you to understand if critical services or personal data are directly impacted. In addition, providing you with the information necessary to create root cause reports that will clear up any cloudiness.

Reduce cost

Leverage Existing Investments
The NiCE Dynamics CRM Management Pack will fully leverage your investment in System Center, either your enterprise monitoring tools. It reuses the System Center data warehouse, network configuration and console deployments.

NiCE Management Packs will save you money, as they never require you to invest in new databases, servers or other infrastructure as normal monitoring tools often do.

If you have integrated Microsoft System Center into your alerting infrastructure, time and effort is saved as all this is already configured and set up. Furthermore, and maybe best of all: IT staff is already familiar with the tools, thus ensuring a steep learning curve.

Support Cost Reduction
With the NiCE Dynamics CRM Management Pack you will quickly identify downtimes and tenant specific problems. With the capability to measure SLAs through active probing of the tenant, you do not need to rely on SLA reports provided by other third parties. You have your own, tenant specific SLA, based on the data you collected and have access to. This insight provides great return on investment for your IT organization and reduces support costs.

In a nutshell

  • Dashboard overview of your Dynamics 365 instances
  • Experience monitoring of Dynamics 365
  • Quickly identify issues impacting service availability
  • High ROI, great ease of use
  • Steep learning curve, ease of use
  • Peace of mind, high value, competitive pricing


  • Microsoft System Center Operations Manager 2012 R2, 2016, 1801, 1807,  2019
  • Microsoft Monitoring Agents
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365


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