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NiCE DB2 SPI for Micro Focus Operations Manager

Understand and manage your DB2 environment like an ecosystem that is constantly changing in terms of physical design, transactions, and memory. Monitoring helps you maintain the balance at any given time to ensure the best possible performance.


Operations Manager, NiCE DB2 SPI, and database administration

Working with HP Operations Manager (HP OM) certainly makes it easier for IT professionals to monitor the health and performance of their computer systems, but there is still a missing puzzle piece to complete the single interface view of SCOM, which facilitates the monitoring of databases, middleware and applications.

The NiCE DB2 smart Plug-In (NiCE DB2 SPI) for HP OM is one of the pieces that you need. The Management Pack extends the view of HP OM to give you the holistic picture of servers and systems hosting applications or databases and thus complete the enterprise scope for the administrator.

The DB2 SPI helps you to increase IBM DB2 server availability and performance and to lower the overall cost of maintaining your DB2 databases. It enables you to perform service-oriented management as well as incident management in your DB2 environment, while supporting your business critical processes.


The NiCE DB2 SPI is a sophisticated and intelligent Enterprise Ready management pack that fully integrates into HP OM. The DB2 MP continuously monitors the DB2 infrastructure, identifying server problems before they affect applications and end users, through the use of predefined event conditions and threshold monitors.

The management pack collects the detailed data that you need from your DB2 instances allowing you to monitor your systems without affecting or impacting their overall performance.

The SPI helps to overcome the main IT admin challenges

  • Managing a more and more complex IT environment
  • Working efficiently with limited resources
  • Diagnosing and addressing problems in real-time

The NiCE DB2 SPI, a cross-platform management pack, gives you in-depth system views which allow you to monitor individual components including DB2 instances (processes), Listeners, Databases, Tablespaces, and Datafiles.

In a nutshell

  • Unique DB2 monitoring
  • In-depth performance views for health indicators
  • Concise advice on event management
  • Auto-discovery and diagramviews of the DB2 topology


The NiCE DB2 SPI allows you to perform a multitude of functions that are critical in your role as system, application or database administrator.

Identify problems fast
The NiCE DB2 SPI increases the productivity of both the Operations Manager administrator and operator, providing the ability to identify problems quickly and take corrective action to avoid costly downtime. Built-in features like  “Diagnostic Tasks” help the DBA and the operator to troubleshoot more efficiently.

Receive performance alerts
Avoid interruptions in service by receiving alerts immediately when something is amiss with the DB2 server performance.

Seamless HP OM integration
The NiCE DB2 SPI provides sophisticated integration into HP OM. No need to install or configure additional server, proxies or connectors to pinpoint root cause of problems. It is thus, easier to solve issues easily, quickly and efficiently. No additional software needs to be installed on the Management server or proxy.

Leverage the native capabilities of HP OM
The innovative architecture allows to centrally configure exception-based monitoring in distributed DB2 environments. Following Microsoft’s Best Practice design guides, all run-time information is stored in the Operations Manager Database and Datawarehouse. There is neither run-time data on the HP OM server nor DB2 system.

In a nutshell

  • Manage your entire IBM DB2 environment from a single point of reference
  • Monitor your IBM DB2 servers with individual metrics to monitor specific details all in the System Center framework
  • Constantly optimize the configuration and deployment of your DB2 databases through scalable monitoring
  • Ensure the availability of your IBM DB2 databases with critical process and event log monitoring that is part of our DB2 MP
  • Access in-depth performance views of your IBM DB2 servers for detailed health indicators
  • Troubleshoot and delve deep into the core of the system and identify problems with pinpoint accuracy


Reduce the complexity of the IT environment you are working in because you will have more information at hand through alerts and other health monitors

Reduce downtime because you will be able to pinpoint the source of problems and resolve issues quicker

Work more efficiently with the same resources because of our management pack which provides a comprehensive solution

Reduce the operational cost of your application monitoring while still delivering results and maintaining the health of your DB2 databases


The system requirements for our DB2 MP are as follows:

  • HP Operations Manager
  • IBM DB2 Version 9.x, 10.x, 11.1
  • Windows, UNIX, Linux

Integrations and References

The NiCE DB2 SPI currently has no integrations into other solutions.

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