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NiCE Custom MPs for Microsoft SCOM

Management Pack Authoring can be both cumbersome and time consuming. NiCE has a comprehensive set of building blocks for Management Pack Fragments to develop Custom Management Packs in the most time and cost efficient manner.


Although there are a multitude of tools to enable you to create new monitoring in System Center Operations Manager 2012, the comprehensiveness of the solution you build will come down to your requirements and your experience with SCOM. Some of these tools include MP Author, System Center Operations Manager 2007 R2 Authoring Console, and Visual Studio Authoring Extensions. These tools require time and resources to work with.
Management Pack Authoring can be both cumbersome and time consuming because you are developing a built-for-purpose solution. Without the necessary expertise to do this, management pack development can take time, rather than save time in the long run.

Contact THE Custom Management Pack experts to do the job for you – easy & hassle-free. NiCE has a comprehensive set of building blocks for Management Pack Fragments to develop Custom Management Packs in the most time and cost efficient manner.


The NiCE building blocks for developing comprehensive Custom Management Packs include standard interfaces for:

  • SNMP MIB, incl. complex OID table processing and support for nested tables
  • Custom C# Managed Modules for high-performance log analysis
  • Experience using Webservices for data collection
  • Library MP with numerous customer SCOM datasource Probe- and Action Modules li>
  • Experience in developing SCOM Managed Modules

To really extract the most value out of System Center Operations Manager, one has to create Custom Management Packs.

NiCE has many years of experience in the field of Management Pack development i.e. custom solutions for clients as well as standard Management Packs for Oracle Database, DB2, BES 12, and more. NiCE’s expertise is confined to Windows, UNIX & Linux.


NiCE developed an Axway MailGate Applicance Management Pack for the Healthcare Industry (USA). The company was looking for a way to monitor their email firewall appliances using SCOM 2012 R2.

Elaboration of the development process:

In order to have a deeper understanding of what the client’s expectations were, NiCE conducted a joint workshop with the client to hash out all the requirements of the assignment. A turn-key Custom Management Pack to monitor the client’s Axway MailGate Applicances was determined to be the optimal solution as it would verify thresholds, monitor values, etc.

NiCE had further engagement with the vendor of the appliance – Axway and a solution proposal was jointly presented to the client. Thanks to extensive experience in SNMP monitoring, and the use of pre-existing building blocks, NiCE could quickly implement and deliver a full scale Management Pack based on the specified requirements.

The Custom Management Pack was ready and deployed in the client’s test environment in 4 days

After successful acceptance tests and quality assurance with remote help from a US based NiCE engineer, the client was able to move the MP to production without further assistance from NiCE.

Total effort
6 Engineering days


  • Receive expert one-on-one consultation to understand your exact needs
  • Benefit from the combined knowledge of a team of experts all working together to create the best solution for you
  • Receive the most cost effective solution to fulfill your requirements
  • Expect quick and professional turnaround
  • Receive technical assistance and support from the NiCE team even after the project is complete

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