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NiCE Active 365 MP for Microsoft SCOM

The NiCE Active 365 Management Pack (MP) provides you with insight far beyond what the Office 365 Service Health Dashboard can display.
Office 365 tenant based on active collected, real-time, real-user information.

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Increase Insight into Office 365

With the NiCE Active 365 Management Pack (MP) you have a tool that provides you with insight far beyond what the Office 365 Service Health Dashboard can display. Although Microsoft can display health information at the global or datacenter level, the NiCE Active 365 MP can also obtain and display detailed information about your Office 365 tenant based on active collected, real-time, real-user information.

Note: The new Active 365 Management Pack v3.0 additionally supports Dynamics CRM performance and health monitoring.


Usage Reports and Office 365 Adaption

The hybrid approach of the NiCE Active 365 Management Pack allows us to collect and process data from both Exchange online and Exchange 2013 and 2016. Data is stored in your existing System Center data warehouse. With the reporting engines available in your environment, we can report on Cloud adoption, mailbox migrations, and Office 365 license usage.

In a nutshell

  • Comprehensive discovery of hybrid Office 365 deployments
  • Active probing for user verification
  • Detailed reports on license usage and SLAs
  • Built on reliable NiCE components 


Availability Monitoring through Probing

Do you receive calls from users complaining about mail issues even though Microsoft reports a healthy status for your region or datacenter? If this sounds familiar, read on. The only reliable way to ensure that business-critical functionality is working as expected is by performing active probing. With an intelligent and proactive approach to probing, NiCE Active 365 MP ensures that users of your tenant can always work in the way they want and you designed.

Challenges in Hybrid Environments

It is often tricky to pinpoint the root cause of problems that occur in complex, federated, hybrid environments.

To provide reliable monitoring in these types of environment, you can use the strength of Microsoft System Center as a solution that is fully deployed on premise with monitoring agents running on both on premise and Cloud servers. The NiCE Active 365 MP utilizes monitoring probes in both environments and correlates the combined results in one single location to provide you with best-of-class, root-cause-analysis capabilities. The NiCE Active 365 MP is a tool that enables you to monitor all business critical functionalities in a hybrid deployment scenario, for example:

  • calendar synchronization between on premise and Exchange online mailboxes
  • mail flow between servers in different datacenters
  • mailbox migrations


Use the Cloud with Confidence

It’s an old adage that we do not trust technologies we do not understand. Office 365 deployments include a combination of highly complex components, each of which is subject to failure at any time, and the interdependence of the various components means that it is often hard to retain an overview of the deployment when taken as a whole. To simplify this complexity, Microsoft places Office 365 as an Azure service in its public Cloud offering. Despite all the advantages that come with the service, we can sometimes lose track of what happens to our own core business services. With the NiCE Active 365 MP, the approach is to discover and reveal the
details of what is happening behind the Office 365 administration dashboards and consoles. The MP provides insight into where individual mailboxes reside and how components are connected. The NiCE Active 365 MP reveals as much detail as possible in order to build trust in Office 365 as a public Cloud offering.

Leverage Existing Investments

The NiCE Active 365 MP will fully leverage your investment in System Center. Reusing the System Center data warehouse, Agent infrastructure and Console deployments, there is no need to invest in new databases, servers, or other infrastructure, which otherwise would typically be required for monitoring tools. In addition, there is no need to make any new firewall changes or overcome any other administrative hurdles. If you have integrated System Center in your alerting infrastructure, you can save both time and effort by using NiCE Active 365 MP, as all the monitoring infrastructure is
already configured and setup. Even better, your IT staff are already familiar with the tools, which ensures a fast learning curve.

Support Cost Reduction

With fast and easily accessible reports, the NiCE Active 365 MP provides you with the facts you need to increase your insight into Cloud adoption, mailbox migrations, and the deployment of mailboxes across Office 365 datacenters. This insight provides value for IT organizations trying to reduce support costs. The NiCE Active 365 MP enables you to quickly identify system downtime and outages as well as tenant-specific problems. With the capability to measure SLAs through active probing on the tenant, you do not need to pass on the SLA reports provided by Microsoft . Instead, you have your own, tenant-specific SLA based on data you collected and have access to.

Identify, Qualify and Solve Problems Quickly

One of the toughest challenges with Office 365 is to gain any insight into what happens in the Cloud. When users report issues with mail, accessibility or calendar synchronizations, you have at least some chance of troubleshooting the issues on premise with Exchange 2013 and 2016. With Exchange Online, however, your possibilities are very limited. So what to do?
The NiCE Active 365 MP includes our own smart algorithm to determine if other mailboxes are affected for the same tenant in the same datacenter. With these additional checks, the severity of the problem can quickly be rated and any required actions recommended and performed. At the same time, the MP can also monitor if mailboxes are being moved between Azure Datacenters.

In a nutshell

  • Full overview of your Office 365 landscape
  • Quickly identify issues impacting service availability
  • High ROI, great ease of use
  • Shallow learning curve, high ease of use
  • Peace of mind, high value, competitive price


  • Microsoft System Center Operations Manager 2012 R2, 2016, 1801, 1807, 2019
  • Microsoft Monitoring Agents
  • Support for
    • Microsoft Office 365
    • Microsoft Exchange Online
    • Microsoft Exchange Hybrid & Exchange Server
    • SharePoint Online
    • OneDrive Online
    Dynamics CRM

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“We are excited to see companies like NiCE IT Management Solutions GmbH add value by integrating their Management Packs with Microsoft System Center Operations Manager and Office 365,” said Mike Ammerlaan, Director, Microsoft Office 365 Ecosystem at Microsoft Corp. “The deep product integration with both Microsoft Office 365 and System Center allows system administrators to stay informed and resolve issues more efficiently in hybrid environments.”

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