NiCE Linux Power MP 1.00 released

NiCE Linux Power Management Pack 1.00 released

Speed up your IBM Power servers like never before
In IBM Power System environments, processing time is costly and is measured in work units. A CPU hog on any Linux server can become expensive. Under-provisioned systems react slowly on queries from business applications, which then cause undesired end user or processing delays. As IBM Power servers typically run business critical workloads, response time and availability is key.

With the new NiCE Linux Power MP, you have a comprehensive monitoring solution for your key Linux server on IBM Power Systems for Linux. Leverage your existing investment and reduce costs, save time and build efficiencies now.

What´s in this new NiCE Linux Power MP release

  • Logical Disk Health Checks
    Easily ascertain the availability and performance of your Logical Disk (File System) instances. This includes BTRFS file systems
  • Network Adapter Health Checks
    Determine the availability and performance of your Network Adapter instances
  • Operating System Health Assessments
    Effortlessly discover the availability and performance for Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server Operating System instances
  • Efficient Health Determination
    of your processor monitoring and your processor instances

The new NiCE Linux Power MP 1.00 release is packed with features that will benefit your business. Click below to request a demo, download the new bits & bytes, or, in case you just can´t hold on, get a quote.

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Looking forward to smartening up your enterprise application monitoring,
Your NiCE IT Management Solutions Team