NiCE DB2 SPI 4.30 released

NiCE DB2 smart Plug-In 4.30 released

See your DB2 environments even better than before
Be the first to get a complete picture of the health and performance of your business critical DB2 database environment using the new NiCE DB2 smart Plug-In 4.30. The NiCE DB2 smart Plug-In delivers first-rate monitoring for business critical, highly dynamical database environments. Leverage your existing investment and reduce costs, save time and build efficiencies now.

What´s new in this NiCE DB2 SPI 4.30 release

  • Support of DB2 non-root installation
  • Q-Replication: Monitoring of Apply Log File contents and their sizes
  • Support of Reorg Monitoring
  • Several new metrics for better table space monitoring
  • New metric for in-doubt transactions
  • Enhance Self-Monitoring: duration control for metric collection
  • Support for IPv6
  • Enhanced logging and error reporting
  • Password Security enhancement
  • Support of DB2 BLU databases
  • Support of DB2 restrictive databases
  • New platform support
  • Support of non-standard DB2 paths

The new NiCE DB2 SPI 4.30 release is packed with new features that will benefit your business. Click below to request a demo, download the new bits & bytes, or, in case you are completely overwhelmed, get a quote.

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Looking forward to smartening up your enterprise application monitoring,
Your NiCE IT Management Solutions Team