NiCE VMware MP 5.00 Preview Release

Preview on VMware monitoring using the new NiCE VMware Management Pack 5.00

See your virtualized environments like never before
Be the first to get a complete picture of the health and performance of your business critical VMware environment using the new NiCE VMware Management Pack. The NiCE VMware Management Pack delivers first-rate monitoring for business critical, highly dynamical virtualized environments. Leverage your existing investment and reduce costs, save time and build efficiencies now.

What´s in this first NiCE VMware MP 5.00 PREVIEW release

  • Full vCenter support for version 5.x – 6.7
  • Full ESXi support for version 5.x – 6.7
  • Loaded with features to monitor VMware vSphere environments
  • Efficient architecture
  • Built-in load balancing

The full NiCE VMware MP 5.00 release is scheduled for mid January, followed by a public release webinar. If you just can´t wait to see what the new NiCE VMware MP will offer in full, please download the bits & bytes to get a sneak insight into the 5.00 preview release.

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Looking forward to smartening up your enterprise application monitoring,
Your NiCE IT Management Solutions Team