NiCE Active O365 MP 1.20 for Microsoft SCOM released

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Active Office 365 Monitoring
Synthetic Transactions for Hybrid Exchange

With the release of the NiCE Active O365 MP for Microsoft SCOM advanced synthetic, hybrid Exchange Online monitoring has never been easier.

Identify, Qualify and Solve Problems Quickly
One of the challenges with Office 365 is to gain insight into what happens in the Cloud. When users report issues with mail, accessibility, or calendar synchronizations, there is a chance of troubleshooting the issues on premise with Exchange 2010/2013/2016. With Exchange Online, however, possibilities are limited. The NiCE Active O365 MP solves this for you.

NiCE Active O365 includes a smart algorithm to determine if other mailboxes are affected for the same tenant in the same datacenter. With these additional checks, the severity of the problem can quickly be rated and any required actions recommended and performed. At the same time, you can also monitor if mailboxes are being moved between Azure Datacenters.

In a nutshell

  • Full overview of your Office 365 landscape
  • Quickly identify issues impacting service availability
  • High ROI, great ease of use
  • Shallow learning curve, high ease of use
  • Peace of mind, high value, competitive price

New Features coming with the 1.20 release

  • Improved Support for Cloud-Only Tenants
  • Scalability improvements for large Mailbox Tenants (>10k Mailboxes)
  • Various improvements for process scalability


Looking forward to smarten up your enterprise application monitoring,
Your NiCE IT Management Solutions Team


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