NiCE Announces Management Pack For VMware

Maximum Performance and Availability For Your VMware Operations

With the start of the Microsoft Ignite conference at Orlando today, NiCE adds a new product to its portfolio of Management Packs for System Center Operations Manager (SCOM).

The NiCE VMware MP provides real time monitoring of your VMware environments with full integration into your System Center deployment, allowing a return on investment within months. It is feature loaded and exceeds comparable monitoring solutions for VMware operations significantly.

Feature Overview

Memory Commitment
track your specific memory commitment levels out of the box

CPU Ready Time
no more host overloads and virtual CPU shortages

DRS Ratings
seamless migrations by upfront visibility into VMotions and constantly balanced system resources for virtual machines

Resource Pool Usage
balanced resource pools by direct insight into shared resource pool usage

Kernel and Device Latency
issues deriving from sluggish hardware or IO contention easily detected

Capacity Management
best hardware usage by perfectly balancing out limits and reserves due to VM restrictions and guaranties

Leverage Built in Reports
best in class, out of the box reports to report on high balloon driver usage, high memory swap rates, high storage device latency, virtual machine inventory and much more


NiCE VMware MP in Action

To see the NiCE VMware MP in action, please reach out to us to schedule a demo for you.

Looking forward to talking to you,
Your NiCE IT Management Solutions Team