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NiCE PowerHA MP 1.20 BETA

Get alerts on impacted PowerHA components that are vital to your business

Dear Clients and Resellers,
Clusters are mainly used to overcome capacity shortages so your IT services stay in line with your service level
agreements. If a cluster goes down, that could really hurt.


Prevent business losses by upfront alerts on impacted systems. In time and in detail.

Sign up for the PowerHA MP 1.20 BETA program now to experience cutting edge cluster monitoring.


What is new with this release?

Besides fixing defects, the following major enhancements have been included:

  • Logical Disk Monitoring for Cluster File Systems
  • No False Files Systems Alarms from Microsoft® AIX Management Pack anymore!
  • Cluster-aligned Service Model
  • Improved Discovery for Cluster Resources
  • Updated Product Knowledge
  • Note: PowerHA MP 1.20 General Available (GA) release is planned later in Q1 2017