Monitoring your Mission Critical Business Applications

HP Operations Manager helps IT pros manage their physical and virtual information technology environments to be more productive service providers in their businesses.

NiCE Smart Plug-Ins (SPIs) for HP Operations Manager complement this by adding first class Application Monitoring capabilities. NiCE SPIs help you to ensure your business critical applications are at peak performance and availability all the time – the way your business demands it.

Contact NiCE today to get the Smart Plug-Ins that will help you to constantly monitor your business critical applications.

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NiCE Smart Plug-ins (SPIs) – for monitoring applications with HP Operations Manager

The principal function of HP Operations Manager (HP OM) is to monitor your IT infrastructure. By installing and deploying HP OM, you can effectively amalgamate any fault and performance events that are identified in your environment. This enables you to detect the root cause of IT problems in your physical, virtual and cloud environment and take corrective action.

The challenge of the IT environment is that it is ever changing. Both simple and dynamic monitoring solutions are required for IT administrators to do their job effectively. The ability to tailor and customize your views to your server infrastructure is necessary. And beyond the infrastructure, the applications and services also need to be monitored for their status and behavior.

NiCE Smart Plug-Ins (SPIs) for HP OM supplement this bridge solution by adding premium Application Monitoring. A SPI is essentially application monitoring software that provides both application and database monitoring, and channels that information to the HP OM server.

With a powerhouse SPI like the NiCE SPI added to your HP OM solution, you can detect application errors before they cripple your IT environment. Our unique products ensure that your business critical applications are at peak performance and availability all the time – the way your business demands it.

NiCE solutions (HP OM & HP BSM OMi)

HP OM & HP BSM OMi monitoring covered!

Contact the NiCE Solutions Team today to request a free trial of the HP Operations Manager Smart Plug-Ins and HP BSM OMi smart Management Packs of your choice.

Benefits of using NiCE Smart Plug-ins

Below are some key benefits of using NiCE Smart Plug-ins.

  • Centrally configure your exception-based monitoring responsibilities to save time
  • Provide alarms for undesired statuses with regards to availability and performance
  • Automatic analysis of the application logfiles
  • Generate easy to read and easy to access web-based reports
  • Full-scale monitoring of ALL components of your IT infrastructure to reduce risk of any fault going unnoticed.
  • Automate your pre-defined operational processes so that key monitoring happens autonomously. This will free up resources for other important IT deliverables

NiCE Smart Plug Ins are an essential add-on to HP Operations Manager because they give you a holistic view of your application environment, hosted in the infrastructure already monitored.

Why use the NiCE SPI for monitoring HP Operations Manager?

The NiCE Smart Plug Ins are exceptional because of the breadth and depth of information that they gather and provide. Our SPI products extend the monitoring capability of HP OM and have the following features and key benefits for you:


  • Comprehensive monitoring of your entire application environment
  • Pinpoint accuracy to the source of the problem
  • In-depth performance views for health indicators
  • Concise advice on event management
  • Full HP OM integration by leveraging the native capabilities of HP Operations Manager

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