Monitoring Domino Servers is business critical

When using Domino as the backbone for both internal and external communications, as well as being the basis for lots of customized applications, it is most critical to ensure that all of those applications work like an integrated ecosystem to provide a good user experience.

Therefore, it is of grave importance that the Domino server – being the base for all these various application services that run main parts of your business critical communication – is in optimal shape regarding availability and performance.

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Domino SPI to monitor your Domino environment

If your organization has made the investment into HP Operations Manager and you are looking for a solution to monitor your Domino environment, then look no further. The NiCE Domino SPI is the solution you are looking for.

We at NiCE, understand that more and more organizations are moving their IT function into the cloud and adopting virtualization strategies in order to:

  • Use IT resources more efficiently
  • Reduce costs
  • Save time

Migrating into the cloud, however, is not without its challenges because it requires a complete change in the way that IT resources are utilized. The HP Operations Manager console is the necessary system to manage both the physical and virtual (cloud) environment. There is however, a missing puzzle piece to complete the single interface view of HP Operations Manager.

SPIs are the missing puzzle piece that extends the functionality of HP Operations Manager agents. With SPIs, it becomes possible to monitor your databases, applications, and middleware with pinpoint accuracy. This in itself, will make your IT administrator much more efficient and increase productivity.

The NiCE Domino SPI was designed to increase the productivity of both the HP Operations Manager administrator and operator, providing them the ability to identify problems quickly and take corrective action to avoid costly interruptions in service. Whether you have a large or a small environment to monitor, the NiCE Domino SPI is a fully scalable solution to meet your application monitoring needs.

NiCE Domino SPI for HP Operations Manager

How does our Domino SPI work?

The NiCE Domino SPI, like all our SPI products, gives you one integration point between HP Operations Manager and your Domino servers. The integration with HP Operations Manager is seamless.

Our Domino SPI allows you to streamline the way in which you manage your business critical messaging environment. It is important to note that this monitoring of your Domino environment can be done in real time. The solution is straightforward but comprehensive, and requires minimal effort to deploy. When working with our Domino SPI, you can be sure that there are:

  • No complex interfaces to configure
  • No additional servers to install
  • No additional agents required
  • No additional ports to be opened
  • No proxies or appliances to be installed

Once deployed, the Domino SPI is connected to your IBM Domino servers. This connection is the reason why there is a central collection point for all your messaging related resources. Our product leverages the native capabilities of the HP Operations Manager. The innovative architecture of our Domino SPI allows administrators to centrally configure exception-based monitoring in distributed Domino environments.

With the NiCE Domino SPI fully integrated into your HP Operations Manager environment, you will be able to:

  • Use individual metrics to monitor specific details of your Domino environment
  • Automate recurring tasks e.g. reports, to save time and free up resources
  • Centrally configure exception-based monitoring of your Domino environment

The NiCE Domino SPI will enable you to efficiently manage and monitor your Domino environment in order to troubleshoot and identify problems with pinpoint accuracy.

The NiCE Domino SPI – key features and benefits

Using the NiCE Domino SPI to monitor your Domino environment presents some key benefits to the user. As the NiCE Domino SPI leverages the native capabilities of HP Operations Manager, it is very easy to use, which is one of its key features. Please see below for more features and benefits of the product.

Key features:

  • Monitor the Domino Infrastructure easily
  • Easy-to-read and easy-to-access web-based reports
  • Run reports on performance, availability, workload, operation and bottlenecks
  • Run detailed task monitoring of add-in and domino server tasks
  • Performance and state monitoring for all Domino components – predefined performance thresholds will ensure that your desired service levels are always met
  • Track server response time and transaction measurement
  • Chart predefined performance graphs for core metrics

Key benefits:

  • Identify server problems before they cause service disruption
  • Isolate bottlenecks quickly so that they can be corrected timeously
  • Instant notifications when messages are not being delivered
  • Alerts operations team about potential network issues or unexpected outages

Why the NiCE Domino SPI for HP Operations Manager is better

The NiCE Domino SPI is the most cost effective solution on the market to monitor your HP Operations Manager environment. Years of research and development into the refinement of the Domino SPI ensures that this solution will give you exactly what you need with your monitoring solution – a comprehensive, efficient and effective solution. Our Domino SPI allows you to:

Automate your reports – The NiCE Domino SPI allows you to customize your reports so that there is no need to waste time with redundant functions.

Centrally configure exception-based monitoring - The NiCE Domino SPI allows you to centralize the tasks in your Domino environment so that there is no disconnect with your monitoring solution.

Proactively monitor your Domino infrastructure resources – The NiCE Domino SPI enables you to take pre-emptive action when it comes to monitoring your Domino infrastructure because you will receive alerts that a potential problem is looming before it causes massive disruptions in service.

Increase productivity - The HP Operations Manager administrator and operator will have more time available to focus on bigger issues as opposed to spending hours trying to identify problems that are difficult to find without the NiCE Domino SPI.

System requirements for Domino SPI

The system requirements for our Domino SPI are as follows:

  • HP Operations Manager
  • Domino
  • Windows, UNIX, Linux

Contact the NiCE Solutions Team today to evaluate the NiCE Domino SPI. Email for more information or click here to download the full Domino SPI datasheet.

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