From HP OM to HP BSM OMi

In today’s extremely competitive world, many businesses are concentrating their efforts on delivering advanced services at higher service levels, using the latest technologies like virtualization and cloud computing. As such, the IT administrator is expected to leverage collaboration and automation, intelligence, and relevant data in such a way that valuable resources are used optimally.

An IT solution that includes application performance management, network and storage management, systems and virtualization management, amongst other things is paramount. HP BSM OMi software is an effective solution to help IT administrators to fulfil some of their daily on-the-job demands.

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Get the most out of your HPE OMi investment

Has your organization made the investment into HP Operations Manager i?

Are you working with IBM DB2 servers?

Are looking for a solution to monitor your IBM DB2 environment?

If you answered yes to all 3 questions, then look no further than the NiCE DB2 smart Management Pack (sMP)!

We at NiCE, understand that more and more organizations are moving their IT function into the cloud and adopting virtualization strategies in order to:

  • Use IT resources more efficiently
  • Reduce costs
  • Save time

Migrating into the cloud, however, is not without its challenges because it requires a complete change in the way that IT resources are utilized. The HPE OMi software is the necessary system to manage both the physical and virtual (cloud) environment.

HPE OM i, uses in-depth information and applies progressive logic to the real cause of an incident, which in turn delivers rich information for IT decision makers. This, not only allows for a more accurate diagnosis of the issue, but also allows for quicker resolution of problems. Efficiency = reducing costs!

There is however, a missing puzzle piece to complete the single interface view of HP Operations Manager i.

The smart Management Packs from NiCE are the missing puzzle piece that extend the functionality of HP Operations Manager i agents. With sMPs, it becomes possible to monitor your databases, applications, and middleware with pinpoint accuracy. This in itself, will make your IT administrator much more efficient and increase productivity.

With a single-minded focus on easing the IT administrators’ job burden, the NiCE team developed a solution that seamlessly integrates into HPE OMi and leverages the ‘OMi progression’. Introducing the NiCE DB2 smart Management Pack (sMP). The next level of IT innovation!

NiCE DB2 sMP for HPE OMi

How does our DB2 sMP work?

The NiCE DB2 sMP gives you one integration point between HP Operations Manager i and your IBM DB2 servers. The integration with HP OMi is seamless.

IT administrators can now, using the NiCE DB2 sMP, effortlessly keep a close eye on business-critical applications, infrastructures, and third-party service dependencies easily, ultimately ensuring minimal service disruption for the end user.

Please note: The monitoring of your IBM DB2 environment is more or less done in real time.

The NiCE DB2 sMP solution is simple but comprehensive, and requires minimal effort to deploy. When working with our DB2 sMP, you can be sure that there are:

  • No complex interfaces to configure
  • No additional servers to install
  • No additional ports to be opened
  • No proxies or appliances to be installed

With the NiCE DB2 sMP fully integrated into your HP Operations Manager i environment, you will be able to:

  • Automate recurring tasks e.g. reports, to save time and free up resources
  • To monitor specific details of your IBM DB2 environment
  • Centrally configure exception-based monitoring of your IBM DB2 environment

The NiCE DB2 sMP will enable you to efficiently manage and monitor your IBM DB2 environment in order to troubleshoot and identify problems with pinpoint accuracy.

The NiCE DB2 sMP – key features and benefits

Using the NiCE DB2 sMP to monitor your IBM DB2 environment presents some key benefits to the user. The NiCE DB2 sMP ensures ‘always-on’ availability because this solution monitors your key operational activities and events. Information from important DB2 system tables is collected to reflect database activity. As such, the IT administrator can perform-service-oriented management as well as incident management within the DB2 environment, thereby proficiently monitoring all the business critical processing.

Furthermore, as the NiCE DB2 sMP leverages the native capabilities of HP Operations Manager i, it is very easy to use, which is one of its key features. Please see below for more features and benefits of the product.

Key features:

  • Detailed performance views for health indicators
  • Concise and precise advice on event management
  • State-of-the-art DB2 monitoring
  • Easy-to-read and easy-to-access web-based reports
  • Auto-discovery and diagram views of the DB2 topology
  • Track server response time and transaction measurement
  • Chart predefined performance graphs for core metrics

Key benefits:

  • Extend the value of your HPE OMi
  • Improve efficiency through fast DB2 recoveries
  • Proactively enforce DB2 uptime
  • Utilize in-depth information for strategic decision making
  • Lower DB2 total cost of ownership
  • Align IT operations and services with business needs

Why invest in the NiCE DB2 sMP for HPE OMi?

The NiCE DB2 sMP is the only solution of its kind on the market to monitor your DB2 database servers in an HP Operations Manager i environment.

Years of research and development into the refinement of the NiCE DB2 smart Management Pack ensures that this solution will give you exactly what you need with your monitoring solution – a comprehensive, efficient and effective solution. Our DB2 sMP allows you to:

Automate Discovery of your DB2 instances - and monitor your DB2 database servers according to your actual business needs. The NiCE DB2 sMP allows you to effortlessly get an overview of all your DB2 instances and databases within the HP Topology, including their status, with a simple click of your finger.

Scalable monitoring - by setting monitoring thresholds of selected performance data at instance and database specific levels to receive only really important alarms in the HP BSM OMi Event Perspective.

Database Health Monitoring – the NiCE DB2 sMP offers auto-discovery and diagram views of the IBM DB2 topology, the instances and databases, comprised of different Configuration Item Types and their interdependencies. This helps you to clearly understand the business impact of DB2 alerts so that you can align IT operations and services with business needs.

Increase RDBMS availability and performance – this innovative solution helps you to increase performance and availability while lowering the overall cost of maintaining your DB2 databases.

System requirements for DB2 sMP

The system requirements for our DB2 sMP are as follows:

  • HP Operations Manager i for Windows 10.x
  • IBM DB2 Version 9.1.x, 9.5.x, 9.7.x, 10.1, 10.5, 11.1
  • Windows, UNIX, Linux

Contact the NiCE Solutions Team today to evaluate the NiCE DB2 sMP. Email for more information or click here to download the full DB2 sMP datasheet.

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