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All services from NiCE are geared towards helping you maximize output and reduce the cost of maintaining your SCOM or HP Operations Manager environments.

NiCE IT Management Services cover the entire range of consulting, solution architecture, analysis and test services, implementing and adjusting enterprise management solution such as HP Operations Manager.

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NiCE Service Offering

As a company that is focused on delivering the best in application monitoring solutions, this focus and dedication also applies to the services that we offer. NiCE IT Management Solutions offers specialized services to cater to our clients’ specific needs and requirements

Our service offerings include:

  • HP Software Consulting
  • SCOM support services
  • On-site training and up skilling programs related to our SCOM extensions
  • Customized Management Packs to suit specific client requirements

Read on for more information about the services that NiCE offers. We at NiCE understand that not all IT environments are the same. As such, we are able to offer a wide range of tailored services to you regardless of the size of your organization or the industry you are operating in.

HP Software Consulting services

NiCE has been providing consulting and advisory services to many blue chip companies in Europe for many years. As our company has grown, so too has our client base. As such, we have developed a unique skill set that enables us to deliver best practice services to specialized IT challenges. Our consultants at NiCE, are familiar with the specific challenges and intricacies in industries like Telecommunications and Financial Services because this are the industries that we started providing consulting services to. We have recently expanded the scope of the services we provide to deal with the ever changing market needs. Our service offerings also include:

  • Business Service Management
  • Consulting on HP Operations Manager

Not only has the scope of our service offering increased, but also our reach. NiCE has recently extended its consulting efforts to North America. This consulting is still quite focused on very specialized HP topics including:

  • BSM
  • NNMi
  • SiS/BSM
  • and BSM/OM integrations.

All areas that feed into the HP BSM platforms are an area that our consultants are particularly skilled in. Should you require further information or have any specific questions you would like to be addressed, please do not hesitate to contact us at

SCOM Management Packs and SCOM services

As a Microsoft System Center Alliance Partner, we are committed to delivering an entire solution that covers all your application monitoring needs for SCOM. Our SCOM Management Packs are developed with the user in mind and we are always conducting market research to improve our products. As such, one of the key services we provide to our clients or prospective clients is "Customized Management Pack" development.

NiCE can rely on a large repository of information or Management Pack building blocks that allow us to create custom management packs depending on what the client’s requirements and needs are. We develop these custom management packs in the most cost efficient way. If you have a specific feature or requirement for your SCOM MP, then contact us today to discuss the possibilities.

Additional SCOM services include:

  • SCOM Training
  • SCOM Professional Services

Email to find out more and to make an inquiry based on your specific requirements.

NiCE Support Services

All our products come with NiCE Professional Support Services, delivered by a team of professionals in the US and EMEA. This enables NiCE to provide you with 24/7 support regardless of where you are in the world. Contact us today to find out more about our support services and how to upgrade yourself to 24/7 support.

Our support services cover a range of services which span from helping you get set up when you download our free evaluation files for SCOM MPs or HP OM SPI products, to more complex requirements which require troubleshooting. We have a dedicated support staff who can assist you with any of your technical questions.

Do not hesitate to contact us today should you require any assistance with NiCE products.

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