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NiCE Oracle ASM MP for SCOM

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BES 5, BES 10 & BES 12 Management Pack

3-in-1 BES MP for SCOM

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Need Custom SCOM Management Packs?

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Log File Monitoring with SCOM

Try the FREE NiCE Log File MP

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The NiCE Oracle Management Pack
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Use SCOM to monitor Linux on IBM mainframe

Introducing the NiCE zLinux MP

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All improved BlackBerry SPI
for HP Operations Manager

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Migrating to HP OMi? Check out the

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NiCE Application Monitoring Solutions

Effectively connecting Microsoft System Center & Hewlett Packard Enterprise to your Application for comprehensive monitoring

NiCE IT Management Solutions has been developing first-rate SCOM MPs and HP Operations Manager Smart Plug-ins that effectively connect SCOM/HP Operations Manager with your Application for decades. Try our solutions today – satisfaction guaranteed!

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Microsoft System Center Management Packs

By extending the System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) product offering, we enable you to do all your systems administration using a single user interface. You will be able to monitor the health and performance of your systems with precision because the alerts that you will receive from using NiCE Management Packs for SCOM will pinpoint you directly to the source of the problem. Our solutions work on Windows, UNIX and Linux platforms.

NiCE MPs for Microsoft SCOM include

Regardless of whether you run System Center Operations Manager 2007, System Center Operations Manager 2012, System Center Operations Manager 2012 SP1, or System Center Operations Manager 2012 R2, or System Center Operations Manager 2016, we have the MPs to cater to you. Contact us today for an obligation-free product evaluation.

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Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) solutions & services

HP Operations Manager is a system monitoring package that helps IT pros manage their physical and virtual information technology environments. This enables systems administrators to be more efficient service providers in their businesses because HP Operations Manager provides a single monitoring console for cloud and virtual infrastructures. NiCE Smart Plug-Ins (SPIs) for HP Operations Manager complement this system monitoring package by adding first class Application Monitoring capabilities.

With HP’s announcement of the evolution of Operations Manager to OMi, NiCE has developed the ALL NEW smart Management Packs for HP OMi. Whether you are using HP Operations Manager or HP BSM OMi, NiCE solutions have you covered.

HP Operations Manager – Smart Plug-Ins:

Smart Management Packs for HP BSM OMi

Contact us today for more information.

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  • NiCE Active O365 MP BETA Program Announcement

    NiCE is preparing the first release of a fully featured, active System Center Operations Manager Management Pack for Microsoft Office 365. Be part of it, register now for the closed BETA program!
    It is a fully featured Management Pack with comprehensive discovery of hybrid Office 365 deployments, active probing for user verification, detailed reports on license usage and SLAs, includes support for ADSF, Exchange Online and Azure Active Directory, built on reliable NiCE components.
  • NiCE Veritas Cluster MP 1.20 for SCOM released

    NiCE is pleased to announce the availability of the NiCE Veritas Cluster Management Pack (MP).
    Scope: Incidents impacting high-available infrastructure components have to be processed with high urgency. The NiCE Veritas Cluster MP includes monitors and alert rules to provide immediate and comprehensive information on impacted components within your Veritas Cluster environment. The MP drastically helps you to understand issues and to reduce the mean time to recover.
  • NiCE monitoring solutions help the banking industry stay on top

    One of the largest providers of IT services in the European banking industry, wanted an easier, more centralized way to monitor thousands of servers that power automated teller machines, customer service applications, and other mission-critical infrastructure. NiCE IT Management Solutions GmbH as their long-term partner and specialist in application monitoring helped them achieve their goal.

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Smart Application Monitoring You Can Rely On

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Quick Information

What are the top 10 issues that Database and System Administrators face in the workplace?

Regardless of whether it is a comment on SystemCenterCentral, TechNet, or a System Center User Group meeting where a group member complains to an MVP, the same concerns come from System Administrators time and time again. Interesting to note is that whether the database administrator is working with Microsoft’s System Center Operations Manager 2007 R2, 2012 SP1, 2012 R2 or any other platforms – the concerns are the same. We are not talking about deployment issues…we are talking about deeper concerns regarding job performance.

We have compiled a top 10 list of these concerns below. These concerns are being able to:

  1. Perform comprehensive infrastructure monitoring
  2. Perform in-depth application performance monitoring
  3. Run reports that give deep insight and diagnostics into their databases
  4. Run queries to receive alerts based on unique conditions
  5. Perform health checks on the availability of their systems
  6. Identify problems with pinpoint accuracy and the ability to troubleshoot
  7. Generate comprehensive reports (that make you look smart)
  8. Automating regular functions so that redundancy is reduced
  9. Delivering on SLA’s and providing optimal IT service management
  10. Save time and money

With NiCE Management Packs for Microsoft SCOM, Application and System Management is now simpler, less stressful and much more efficient and best of all… our MPs address ALL the concerns listed above. We have developed our SCOM Management Packs with the user in mind.

With Application Management, it is important to have a solution that generates instant alerts, stream lines data received and allows you to manage your applications in the most time and cost-effective manner. Our enterprise ready solutions will always be up-to-date making sure that whatever is new with System Center and SCOM will be mirrored with our MPs that have great new features and functionalities.

For more specific information on what our solutions do, see our solutions section, read our SCOM Management Pack datasheets that provide a full product catalog, and read our white papers for more technical information.

Smart Application Monitoring You Can Rely On

NEW - Comprehensive list of SCOM 2012 SP1 Management Packs

The only comprehensive list of SCOM Management Packs that you need to know is:

NiCE SCOM Management Packs have been featured on various MVP blogs, various System Center Forums, on Microsoft PinPoint, on the SCOM Management Packs Wiki, on Wikipedia, and on ‘The Unofficial System Center Catalog’. As a Microsoft System Center Appliance partner, our solutions are highly recommended in the Microsoft System Center Community and by our valued customers.

To find out more about each individual Microsoft SCOM Management Pack, that we offer, click on one of the MPs listed above where you can:

  • Download datasheets
  • Download support matrices
  • Download white papers
  • Request a free demo
  • Request a free evaluation
  • Email the NiCE Solutions team for a quote or any additional information required

Below is a list of the basic system requirements that you require to use our SCOM MP:

  • System Center Operations Manager 2007 R2
  • System Center Operations Manager 2012 SP1
  • System Center Operations Manager 2012 R2

Why NiCE SCOM MPs are better

There are many SCOM Management Pack catalogs and SCOM 2012 Management Pack lists available on the web but there are no lists that say which SCOM MP is better and why. We have put together a matrix for you that shows you the key features of all our SCOM Management Packs in one table. See below.

NiCE Management PackFeaturesOpsMgr integration details
NiCE Oracle MP NiCE Oracle MP
  • 100+ predefined Monitors and Rules, incl. Oracle SQL analysis
  • Oracle 12c Pluggable Database (PDB) support
  • Local monitoring, using BEQ protocol, ASM Support
  • Full agent based support for Oracle RAC and DataGuard
  • Oracle Recovery Manager (Backup) monitoring
  • OpsMgr Diagnostic Task for troubleshooting available.
  • Full Oracle Alert Log analysis
  • Consider it an alternative for Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM)!
  • Full Agent based solution, using OpsMgr 2012 load balancing and HA features
  • Balanced monitoring, no proxy required
  • One console, single usability experience
  • Support for SCOM 2007 through 2012 R2
  • Support of OMi and OpenPgeasus SCX Agents
  • No run time data on any application or database system
NiCE Domino MPIBM Domino Monitoring
  • Track Server performance and availability
  • Advanced mail, database, ACL and task monitoring
  • Domino event and application monitoring (ask us about Traveler)
  • Support for custom statistics
  • Domino MP used C Notes API within its own Domino Add-in task
NiCE DB2 MPDB2 Database Monitoring
  • More than 200 best practice monitors and rules to pick from
  • Enterprise ready, support for DB2 DPF and HADR
  • DB2 Log file analysis and event processing
  • Detailed space, backup performance monitoring
  • DB2 collectors are fast and written in C on all supported platforms.
NiCE BlackBerry MP BES 5 Monitoring
  • Monitors the vital BES connections like Database, BlackBerry Relay (SRP), Messaging Agents, Communication Server, etc.)
  • Performance and state monitoring for all BES components
  • Out-of-the-box BlackBerry user and device monitoring
  • Integrated smart log file analytics
NiCE BES 10 MPBES 10 Monitoring
  • Reliably monitor your BlackBerry 10.1 & 10.2 environments
  • Monitors the vital BES connections like Database, BlackBerry Relay (SRP), Communication Server, etc.
  • Performance and state monitoring for all BES components
  • Integrated smart log file analytics
  • Out-of-the-box BlackBerry device monitoring
  • Detailed MDS-CS and Dispatcher component monitoring for BES 10
SAP MPSAP Monitoring by OZSoft
  • Health and Performance monitoring of SAP Systems
  • Java only and dual stack support
  • SAP Certified Integration
  • Heterogeneous SAP Support
  • Built-in job monitoring
  • Monitors all SAP Application server
  • Vast amount of out-of-the-box monitors and rules – ask us for details

Smart Application Monitoring You Can Rely On

SCOM and Server Monitoring

According to Microsoft, System Center 2012 – Operations Manager provides infrastructure monitoring that is flexible and cost-effective. It also helps to ensure the predictable performance and availability of vital applications, as well as offering comprehensive monitoring for your datacenter and cloud, both private and public.

Microsoft released a lot of information on “What’s new in System Center 2012 for Operations Manager” in November 2013. Below is a direct link to these articles published on TechNet:

NiCE SCOM MPs integrate seamlessly with System Center 2012 and the changes implemented by Microsoft ensuring that our SCOM Management Pack users have a single pane of glass view of their system. Our cross-platform monitoring solutions ensure that you are able to monitor your servers whether you are using UNIX, Linux or Windows.

With such a comprehensive monitoring solution at your fingertips, it is possible to:

  • To monitor services, devices, and operations for many systems in a single console.
  • Get insight into the state of your IT environment through:
    • different views that show health and performance information
    • receiving alerts generated for availability and performance
  • Generate reports about the state of your systems and servers.

For more information on each of our SCOM MPs and their specific features and benefits, please see the solutions section of this website. If you have specific questions, please email: and we will come back to you as soon as possible.

Smart Application Monitoring You Can Rely On